Craftsy - Learn to Piece LIKE A PRO!
Yay! My Craftsy class has gone live! And just for you, here's a link to the class for $20 off the regular price. Piece Like a Pro is loaded with tips and tricks to help you cut, sew, and press your quilt blocks like a pro. The goal is to master essential skills well so you can enjoy a frustration free experience when making your beautiful and treasured quilts--enjoy!

Click here to go directly to my course on Craftsy for a discounted price of $14.99 (from $34.99 save 57%!)


Watch my video above introducing my course or click on this link to view it directly on the Craftsy website.

Quiltmaking Essentials 2 is Now Available!
This book has indispensable advice for setting your favorite quilt blocks together into a quilt top.  Together with Quiltmaking Essentials 1, you'll have a resource library that takes you through every step of the quilt making process - start to finish.  That's great to have in the wee hours - when your quilting friends have all gone to bed!  How do you learn best? Reading about something, seeing it illustrated for you, or seeing examples of it?  This book includes all three elements to help you understand new-to-you techniques and tips.  For more information in Donna's latest book, click here.  To purchase the item, click here.

Quiltmaking Essentials 1

This information-packed book of tips and techniques is a must-have resource for new quilters - and a handy refresher for not-so-new quilters.  Author, teacher and piecing expert, Donna covers all the basics in this easy-to-use guide to successful quiltmaking.  For more information on this book, click here.  To purchase this item, click here.


I have been sewing since the age of four and quilting since 1975. It has carried me happily through my earlier years as an Army wife and the many years and moves since. It has been the common thread throughout my life, linking me to great friends, quilt groups and shops where ever we have lived.

Inside you will find a list of my lectures and workshops. All are loaded with lots of information, tips and tricks. My goal is to give each student the precision skills she needs to make beautiful quilts she can be proud of. Many classes offer a small 'Try Me' project designed to let you sample a skill without investing the large amount of time and money needed for a larger quilt that you may never finish. These small projects finish nicely into table toppers, table runners, banners or small wall hangings. Of course,if you prefer,you can opt to make a larger version of each project where shown. I hope you find something to interest your group here.

Sincerely Yours,
Donna Lynn Thomas
Pre-Furred Quilts

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